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SAT 2020-21

In the attention of all students taking the SATs in our center over the 2020-21 school year! Please read these guidelines all visitors have to follow and notice that for access on campus, every candidate is required to fill in the Corona-Virus Self Declaration Form. Please feel free to bring the filled in form on the test day to minimize the time spent in the check in process. Blank forms will also be available at the admission point but in this case, please consider arriving at the test center 5 minutes earlier than the regular admission time. Thank you for your attention to this!

The Bite

  • AISB Teacher Spotlight: The Many Lives of Kirk McDavitt (aka “Captain”)

    Lovingly referred to as “Captain” by his middle school English students, Kirk McDavitt is known for being “the cool teacher.” But it turns out, he’s even cooler than we thought. From baking, to firefighting, to writing a novel, McDavitt reveals some of his past jobs... The post AISB Teacher Spotlight: The Many Lives of Kirk McDavitt (aka “Captain”) appeared first on The Bite.

  • Teachers Talk: The 6 Most Annoying Things Students do During Distance Learning

    Distance learning has been difficult for all of us students at AISB, but teachers have had struggles of their own. And now that school is partially reopening, we wanted to take a look back at these struggles in a more light-hearted way, by asking teachers... The post Teachers Talk: The 6 Most Annoying Things Students do During Distance Learning appeared first on The Bite.

  • Photo Essay: Bucharest During the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life. Almost one year ago, schools were quickly closed, workplaces shut down, and people hid in their homes. But all the while, efforts to combat the virus’ outbreak have never ceased, and people have found new ways... The post Photo Essay: Bucharest During the Pandemic appeared first on The Bite.


  • Being Grateful for Life As We Live It

    In these times of such adversity, I would like to share a special piece of writing that I have always found sustaining. It was shared with me in life-changing circumstances, also close to Christmas time.  After teacher training in London, I took a volunteer assignment in Ghana to teach in the remote Western Region of

  • The Nibble – the AISB Elementary Literary Magazine

    Continuing in the tradition of last year, when we published AISB’s first ever ES Literary Magazine in June 2019… we are proud to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of the magazine – online! It has been an interesting and adventurous journey from the first day we met as a staff on December 6

  • Online Safety in the Age of Extended Screen Time

    In this time and space where access to broadband connectivity and digital technologies have taken center stage in our lives, it is more important than ever to consider strategies and take steps to ensure our children are having a safe and age-appropriate online experience. At AISB, we believe that keeping students safe online is a

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