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  • What it’s like Graduating during a Global Pandemic

    Today, May 29th 2020, was meant to be one of the happiest days of my life: high school graduation. A day to celebrate 12 years of hard work. The beginning of a new chapter. A milestone. Yet, today seems like just another day. (Well, not necessarily just another day, but another day trapped in the The post What it’s like Graduating during a Global Pandemic appeared first on The Bite.

  • What Distance Learning has really been like for Chinese Students

    Since mid-February, Chinese schools have been closed, giving way to the large-scale implementation of distance learning. But with millions of students trying to access online classes at once, slow internet connections and firewall issues have led to frustration and distrust. To gain insight on the subject, we reached out to a variety of Chinese students The post What Distance Learning has really been like for Chinese Students appeared first on The Bite.

  • WATCH: A Virtual Tour of the DP Art Exhibitions

    Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, the Class of 2020 DP Visual Arts students were unable to showcase their work at school. Fortunately, they decided to display their exhibitions at home or create digital renditions for us to view virtually. “Showing the art exhibition digitally gives everyone the chance to view the beautiful artwork and The post WATCH: A Virtual Tour of the DP Art Exhibitions appeared first on The Bite.


  • Everybody Hurts, Sometimes: Psychological Responses to COVID-19

    During the last month we have all experienced significant changes to our lives.  Most of us have gone from travelling or relaxing over the February break, to some uneasy weeks with a sense of impending change, to transitioning swiftly to a distance learning plan, to a complete lock down.  Some of us have traveled to

  • Measurement Within the AISB Community

    Grade 2 students have been inquiring into how communities use different systems of measurements and how these help them meet their needs.   The children were given the opportunity to create questions that were related to measurement. They interviewed people from around the school and found many connections between measurement and people’s jobs. 

  • Attachment Theory in Action: Why Strengthening Relationships is Key

    You may have heard about the Circle of Security program, which is being run by the AISB counselors, and wondered why we are focusing on learning about secure relationships, and what is attachment theory. Attachment theory was first described by John Bowlby in the 1950s as a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one

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