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  • A look into another year of Speech & Debate at AISB

    For the Speech and Debate team members, this year was full of hard work and well-deserved accomplishments. Just recently, the high schoolers returned from a successful CEESA trip in Prague, following the middle schoolers’ exciting experience in Warsaw, back in November. To get a better understanding of the students’ experiences, The Bite sat down with The post A look into another year of Speech & Debate at AISB appeared first on The Bite.

  • Reality Bites Valentine’s Podcast: Part 10

    Hey, Reality Bites listeners! Welcome back to our Valentine’s Day Podcast series. We have a very special story today. In this episode, we’re celebrating the love story of two of our beloved Canadian teachers: Mr. Powers and Ms. Connolly! We’re quite sad to see them leave AISB this year, so couldn’t help but share their The post Reality Bites Valentine’s Podcast: Part 10 appeared first on The Bite.

  • Reality Bites Valentine’s Podcast: Part 9

    Happy Valentine’s Day to our amazing readers and listeners! In celebration of this wonderful holiday, the Reality Bites team is bringing back the popular Reality Bites Valentine’s Podcast series! Today, we’re sharing with you the sweet story of Spanish teacher Ms. Escobar and math teacher Mr. Gustavo, where we talk about how they met, share The post Reality Bites Valentine’s Podcast: Part 9 appeared first on The Bite.


  • Attachment Theory in Action: Why Strengthening Relationships is Key

    You may have heard about the Circle of Security program, which is being run by the AISB counselors, and wondered why we are focusing on learning about secure relationships, and what is attachment theory. Attachment theory was first described by John Bowlby in the 1950s as a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one

  • Catch the “Fever” of Personal Projects

    “To be honest with you I thought this was going to be one of those boring events that we have to attend just to be polite. Instead I witnessed an extraordinary event full of passion from both teachers and students. Not often  (or never?) do you see 15 or 16 years old kids with everything

  • “Once a Vampire, Always a Vampire” The significance of Team-Building for Student-Athletes

    Often modern day coaches are criticized for what some people consider outdated training methods. However, championship teams and greatness has always existed in sports, dating back to the times of ancient civilizations, the Roman gladiators, and even street ball at Rucker Park. What I am trying to say is that the methods of a “cantonament”

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