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  • Week at a Glance: June 10-14, 2019

    Last Week of School  Monday, June 10  Chef Foa Demos in the ELC – 08:30-11:00 Tuesday, June 11  ES Water Day – 08:45 – 14:20 Parent Workshop on End of Year Assessment […]

  • Week at a Glance: June 3-8, 2019

    ES Art Show HS Exams  Monday, June 3  Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day Tuesday, June 4  Grade 1 Field Trip – Opera Comica Spring Season/End of Year Awards Ceremony – […]

  • Week at a Glance: May 27 – 31, 2019

    Senior Week Monday, May 27  CPR First Aid Training Course for Seniors – 08:30 – 15:00 in CR300 EC4 End of Year Show – 08:30 – 09:30 in the ELC Gym Tuesday, May 28  […]

The Bite

  • Meet the AISB Secondary Counselors

    While we ran a similar article last year (“Getting to Know AISB’s Secondary School Counselors“), we thought it was important to revisit the current counseling team–especially […]

  • Meet AISB’s New Secondary School Teachers

    Like any other international school, AISB welcomes new teachers every year. To help students get to know them better, The Bite asked 14 new teachers to tell us a little bit about themselves. […]

  • An Insider’s Look at AISB’s House System Launch

    On Friday, September 20th, students from grades 7-10 were separated into four houses – Red, Orange, Blue, and Purple – to participate in various activities to build their “house […]


  • Learning & The Brain

    If real learning changes the architecture of our brains, then, educators should be fascinated to discover how the brain works. In the early 1990s new imaging techniques allowed researchers to see the […]

  • Experiential Learning: Here’s Why It Works

    In Secondary we have two weeks (September & May) that we have purposely designed to use Romania as a platform for learning to build community and provide lifelong memories. Successful communities […]

  • Diving Deeper Into Learning About Culture: Grade 2’s Amazing Cultural Race

    Grade 2 students have been inquiring into different cultural perspectives that influence the way people express and understand ideas.  The children were given the opportunity to play the Amazing […]

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