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IMG_2232The main entrance takes you into a sunlit atrium where the flags of every country represented in the school are on colorful display. Students, parents, faculty, staff and visitors are always greeted with a smile. The atrium is also the entrance to the 380+ seat Theater where you find school assemblies, drama productions and musical performances. The Performing Arts wing next to the theater contains fully equipped music rooms with computer stations for music composition, sound-proof rehearsal rooms, band, choir and drama rehearsal rooms.


In the PYP Art Program, two common strands have been identified that apply across the different art forms and define the critical artistic processes, namely responding and creating. These intrinsically connected strands are concept-driven and have been designed to interact with each other, working together to support the overall development of the students.

The responding and creating strands are dynamically linked in an ongoing and reflexive relationship. Learners are encouraged to reflect continually upon their work throughout the process of creating, thus reinforcing the close link between these strands.


The process of responding provides students with opportunities to respond to their own and other artists’ works and processes, and in so doing develop the skills of critical analysis, interpretation, evaluation, reflection and communication. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concepts, methods and elements of drama, dance, music and visual arts, including using specialized language. Students consider their own and other artists’ works in context and from different perspectives in order to construct meaning and inform their own future works and processes.

The responding strand is not simply about reflecting; responding may include creative acts, and encompasses presenting, sharing and communicating one’s own understanding. By responding to their own artwork and that of others, students become more mindful of their own artistic development and the role that arts play in the world around them.



The process of creating provides students with opportunities to communicate distinctive forms of meaning, develop their technical skills, take creative risks, solve problems and visualize consequences. Students are encouraged to draw on their imagination, experiences and knowledge of materials and processes as starting points for creative exploration. They can make connections between their work and that of other artists to inform their thinking and to provide inspiration. Both independently and collaboratively, students participate in creative processes through which they can communicate ideas and express feelings. The creating strand provides opportunities for students to explore their personal interests, beliefs and values and to engage in a personal artistic journey.


AISB uses the unique art forms of Drama and Theater to inspire students to develop creative and performance skills while grasping the historical and cultural contexts of the performing arts. Students learn experientially how to manipulate movement and voice to create engaging characters, narratives and dramatic meaning. The teaching of Drama allows our students to engage in a range of experiences recognizing the contribution of actors, directors, playwrights, designers and technicians. It challenges students and builds confidence while giving them grounding in theater practice. 

The program has a strong emphasis on creativity, collaboration and risk taking. The inclusive, practical and challenging nature of our Drama program creates a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. Equally as important, we equip students with interactive and communication skills that will enrich every aspect of their personal and public world.

AISB students have the opportunity to engage with this dynamic and inspiring art form in a variety of contexts. Drama is offered in all grades as an option.  In grades 6 and 7 there is one semester course and in grade 8 and 9 there are two semester courses to choose from.  Students may also choose to take both courses. Grade 10 drama is a yearlong course in order to prepare students for IB.  We also offer Theater at the IB diploma level. 

The Drama Department also runs The Rubber Theatre Chicken Company, a very active after school program, which is open to all students. There are 3 major performances a year – a secondary musical/play, a middle school play and a one act play festival (usually involving parents and teachers as well!) 

In addition, because we don’t feel there is enough Drama in our students’ lives, we are members of ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association). Each year we travel to specific MS, HS and IB Diploma festivals.  

We welcome you to our page and invite you to explore and to find the drama in your life! 


Visual & Performing Arts

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4 visual art classrooms

Library with a collection of over 10,000 pieces

5 design technology studios

Service learning supports 20 organizations

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Library Program:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-17:00
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Note that when after school activities are not in session, the library closes at 16:00

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