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Visiting AISB

We kindly ask prospective families planning to visit AISB to contact us at catalina@goaisb.ro. We will get back to you within 24 hours of your email. Thank you for understanding!

The safety and security of our students is of utmost importance to us. Please review the following guidelines with regards to visiting AISB. For security purposes, please remember to bring valid identification with you when you visit AISB.

Security measures effective August 2021

Due to the COVID pandemic restrictions, the parent access on campus is limited to school events and specific appointments.  Please make sure that you have informed the school office you are visiting of your arrival so the security office can be notified. When on campus, the following regulations apply:

  1. Masks will be worn and safe distancing will be practiced at all times.
  2. Parking Permits: the current parking permits are valid through August 31st. Only families who are new to AISB must require permits before that date. These rules apply to the main campus parking lot as well as the new Early Learning Center (ELC) parking lot. Our number-plate recognition hardware has been upgraded to include access to the new building’s car park, where an additional 100 spaces will be available.
  1. Driving within, and out of the school campus: driving within the grounds of the school should be done with utmost attention towards students and parents who are walking and other vehicles moving at the same time. Families who need to drop off their children in two different campuses in the morning – given the traffic at that time, we suggest parking in the ELC campus and your older children walking to other sections of the school.
  1. School buildings will remain locked at all times.
  1. Electronic campus access will be granted as follows:

Parents and designated family members with chip-access cards will be allowed automatic entrance to the school.

All other people will not be allowed access unless by prior arrangement.

  • FA (Family Aides) will not be allowed access to the Main Campus without prior notification but will be allowed access to the ELC for short instances (dropping off and picking up our early learners). The recipients of these badges must be registered by parents at the ELC Reception (tmusteata@goaisb.ro) as well as the Main Campus Reception (npastravanu@aisb.ro) and must carry a valid ID when entering the school campus. They will need to leave the ID at the Reception / Gate to receive a badge. FA badges are not to be taken home, they are returned in exchange for the ID. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the school if they no longer work with a certain caretaker.
  • V (Visitors) to the campus must have a confirmed appointment. No walk-ins are allowed. All visitors must have the exact name of the person they are visiting and a valid ID. The security guard will make a copy of their ID for security purposes. All visitors will receive and must display the Visitors (V) badge while on campus. These rules apply also to visitors entering with parents in a car which has a parking sticker. 
  • SC (Subcontractors) to the school will present their ID and receive a SC badge from Reception /Gate. They will also enter the school only upon a prior arrangement / appointment. 
  • Families residing in the Ibiza Compounds (behind the school) and using the Cafeteria and back gate will be able to access the Main Campus using their photo badge which opens the gate. No entrance is permitted through these gates with only your ID. If you need a parent / family member badge, please contact the school Reception office.

Thank you for partnering with us in making sure that our campus is safe and appropriate for our children’s education. Should you have any questions, please email catalina@goaisb.ro.

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