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Excellence beyond academics

Excellence beyond academics

Athletics & Activities

Once a Vampire, Always a Vampire!

As a community, our guiding principles of courage, creativity, and compassion are the pillars of the AISB spirit.

Courage in a co-curricular setting looks like and feels like the need to be risk-takers and try new things. Being inclusive and making sure all CCA participants have a role to play and an impact on their engagement(s).

In exploring the idea of creativity, we aim at giving students creative autonomy and the space and inspiration to think outside the box. Our co-curricular activities actually stem from the creativity of our students and coaches and this can be seen in how activities are positively influenced or rebranded with constantly fresh ideas.

Nowadays, our world begs us to be compassionate towards others and ourselves and realize how valuable and important it is to relate to peers on an emotional level. Whether it is greeting teammates before a game or saluting adversaries after matches, all students agree that we always need to prioritize our memories over results or performance-based goals. Years down the road we will not remember wins, losses, or the scoreboards, however, we will remember those people who always smiled, made us laugh, and were kind to us. Showing others we care about them through kind gestures and inspirational actions is the real winning formula.

The AISB co-curricular department is courageously designed to be inclusive to all learners by promoting risk-taking, offering creative engagements & autonomy, while compassionately prioritizing memories and lifelong bonds.



As a community, our guiding principles of courage, creativity, and compassion are the pillars of the AISB spirit.

Our Secondary School students have the opportunity to compete in 8 sports through our participation in the CEESA (Central Eastern European Schools Association) conference. We also play lots of matches and tournaments throughout the season with local international and Romanian schools and clubs.

Students in our sports council are an integral part in the organizing and running of our tournaments. We offer a number of recreational sports and off-season intramurals. We also have many students that are involved in our Vampires Student Leaders Program. They are trained to coach our younger students in a sport they have a passion for. 

In Elementary School, students have opportunities to join many different sports – football, basketball, fencing, floor gymnastics and karate to name a few. Students are introduced to sports through festivals and tournaments that are played with local international and Romanian schools and clubs.

Inclusion & Belonging 

AISB has a no-cut policy throughout the school so students always have an opportunity to play on a team. 


Co-Curricular Activities

With a comprehensive activities and arts program, AISB strives to create opportunities for students to stretch themselves beyond the classroom and nurture personal interests and passions. 

Secondary students are able to participate in VEX and Lego League Robotics, Speech & Debate, Model United Nations, and competitive Math tournaments.

Many of these activities are offered to Elementary students as recreational activities as well.

BAS_1592 (1)

Visual and Performing Arts

AISB is committed to engaging students in artistic learning through dance, drama, music, and visual education.

We are proud to offer a multitude of opportunities for children to perform on stage for audiences, beginning with elementary musical productions and secondary theatrical productions each year. 

International opportunities are offered for students to explore this passion through festivals organized by the International Schools Theater Association (ISTA) and the Central & Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) Band and Choir events. 

In-house musical performances, such as the Lunch Lounge, various theater performances, and Rock in the Park, also enable us to live our vision of a creative, courageous and compassionate learning community. 


Student Leadership

At AISB, we believe that the education of enlightened global citizens extends beyond academics by promoting active involvement in the school, local and global communities. Leadership opportunities support our students becoming people who motivate, influence and guide others in positive ways.

In the Secondary, the Co-curricular Department strives to create opportunities for students to nurture their leadership capacity and expand their learning into the real world. When older Vampires become role models to the younger ones, there’s an opportunity for cross-cultural understanding on both sides.

The CCA program flourishes when kids are able to learn from other kids. This aspect is best evidenced in the student coaching that takes place with Secondary students exchanging experiences with the primary students. 

Student leaders create leadership purpose statements that become personal philosophies which guide their coaching. They undergo professional development with our faculty and specialists to keep inspiring, keep growing their own skills, and become more assertive at delivering passions through creative activities. 

By having the courage to coach and trial new ideas, students form lasting relationships through leadership, ultimately leading to sustainable cultural compassion throughout our school community.

“Action, agency, the learner profile and international mindedness will work hand in hand to strengthen students’ confidence in their capacity to make a positive change in the world.” The Learner in the Enhanced PYP (Nov, 2017)

In the Elementary we believe that our Student Leadership Ambassadors are a powerful way for our students to learn how they can make a positive change in the world. 

Our ambassadors have opportunities (within a variety of contexts) to learn how to: 

    • build relationships within teams, 
    • identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills,
    • use action research techniques to identify issues and needs within the school, local and global communities,
    • organize and plan as a group, for a variety of support roles and responsibilities.
U11 Vampires Basketball coaching

Student Journalism & Action

At AISB, we are proud of our Student-Journalists and the fantastic work they produce for The Bite. 

The Bite is the visible product of the AISB Journalism program, primarily showcasing the work of the grade 10 Journalism class, while also publishing contributions from grade 9 and CAS Journalism students.

This publication is an opportunity for students to create a variety of media on topics that are relevant to both the school community and society in general.

Be sure to support students’ voices and The Bite by commenting, sharing, and interacting with the stories on the website or any of our social media channels!

Service Learning

At AISB we believe that service learning allows students to make essential connections that bring forth the best they have to offer and help them empower themselves and be part of meaningful and relevant real-life experiences. 

One of the pillars of AISB is Community and Service, where teachers, students and the community work together towards common purposes that have reciprocal benefits. Service learning embodies our core values of creativity, courage and compassion.

The Service Learning program at AISB gives the students the opportunity to be authentically involved and is designed to be all inclusive and supportive to all students. It expands learning experiences, allowing students to grow and share ideas, and establish strong relationships with the communities around us. 

All students in Secondary School should be and are involved in Service Learning, as part of the curriculum, in short events, as part of our Service groups and with individual opportunities.