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A School-Wide Priority

A School-Wide Priority

Safeguarding at AISB

All students need a secure and supportive environment in which to learn.

AISB is committed to our safeguarding processes in order to prevent the risk of harm to children’s health or development.

Safeguarding children from harm works best when the entire community is involved. AISB expects all individuals and groups associated within our school community to act with integrity and to take responsibility for keeping students safe and included.

Whether you are a staff member, a coach, tutor, contractor, guest, parent or visitor, it is our expectation that you will support our students and act with their wellbeing in mind at all times.

To ensure this happens, we ask that our students, our parents, and our faculty and staff are familiar with our child protection policy and use this Safeguarding Handbook to educate themselves about how to identify and respond to concerns.

As a member of our school community, we ask that you recognize your role and responsibility to safeguard students and to keep an eye out for one another.

If you see something, say something, and we thank you for helping build an AISB school culture and community where safety and wellbeing is paramount.

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Jillian Nichols

Student Support Services Coordinator

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