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Peter Welch

021-204 43 11

Catalina Gardescu

Admissions Manager
021-204 43 33

Rosella Diliberto

ELC Principal
(+4) 0372-489-410

Liliana Stefenel

Business Manager
021-204 43 50


ELC Admin Assistant
037-248 94 00

Elyane Ruel

ES Principal

021-204 43 01

Laurie Reynolds

Grades 3 – 5 Counselor
021-204 43 16

Jon Cain

Secondary Principal

021-204 43 15

Fiona Moss

Secondary Vice-Principal
021-204 43 02

Michaela Young

HS Counselor

Sommer Blohm

HS Counselor
021-204 42 38

Simona Stan

DP Coordinator & HS and University Counselors Admin Assistant
021-204 42 01

Margritha Hofman

K-12 Service Learning Coordinator
021-204 43 89

David Hughes

Secondary Athletics Director
021-204 42 31

Jillian Nichols

Student Safeguarding
Support Services Coordinator

Dr. Anita Pop

Medical Office
0372 489 423

Fabiana Papastefani - Pezzoni

External Relations Coordinator
021-204 43 82

Nicoleta Pastravanu

021-204 43 00

Cristina Marinescu

Assistant to the Director
021-204 43 11

Rucsandra Obretin

Assistant to Admissions Manager
021-204 43 68

Adina Licu

021-204 43 86

Deborah Jane GORDON

PYP Vice Principal

Tatiana Musteata

ELC Admin Assistant
037-248 94 00

Elena Ilie

ES Admin Assistant
021-204 43 01

Klara Jaeger

EC2 & Grade 2 Counselor

Florentina Frunza

Secondary Admin Assistant
021-204 43 02

Alexandru Relea

021-204 43 02

Stephanie Finnell

MS Counselor
021-204 43 69

Lindsay Kehl

HS Counselor
021-204 43 55

David White

IB Diploma Program Coordinator
021-204 43 91

Quentin Young

CAS Coordinator
021-204 42 25

Alex Sota

Athletics & Activities Coordinator ES
021-204 43 27

Laura Amza

Technology Manager
021-204 42 37

Sandra Ziptzer

Health Office Assistant
021-204 43 04

Oana Velcu

Secondary Activities Admin Assistant

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10 Things you Need to Know
About AISB

Dear Parents ,

Whether you are new to AISB or returning, this document is helpful for you. Read through it to find out about what is needed for the school start, computer specifications, important office contacts, PTO events and many other pieces of information that you need in order for your experience at AISB to be complete and smooth.

If you would like this sent to you via email, please contact me at catalina@goaisb.ro. If you would like a printed copy, please visit the Admissions Office or the Reception Office.

Thank you for partnering with us in the education of our students.

Catalina Gardescu | Manager of Admissions & External Relations
| engage prepare inspire |
| Phone +40-21-2044333| Fax +40-21-2044384 | Mobile: 0721 301 345

Procedures for Inquiries and Concerns

Step One

For any matter dealing with your son/daughter’s individual education, first contact the classroom teacher by leaving a message with the office, sending an email directly to the teacher or scheduling an appointment through the EC/ES/MS/HS office.

Step Two

Contact the EC/ES/MS/HS Principal with concerns that the classroom teacher is unable to solve or allay, by calling the appropriate school office and scheduling an appointment.

Step Three

Contact the Director, with concerns the Principal is unable to solve by calling +40 21 204-4311/204-4300 and scheduling an appointment. When calling, please provide information on the nature of the issue, any salient facts of the matter and the nature of the remedial action desired.

Step Four

Contact the Board of Directors with concerns that the Director is unable to solve or allay, or if the nature of the concern goes beyond the authority of the Director. Send a letter to the President of the Board of Trustees, American International School of Bucharest, Sos. Pipera-Tunari #196, Voluntari, Jud. Ilfov, 077190, ROMANIA. or send an email at board@aisb.ro

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