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AISB’s Learning Support Guiding Beliefs

The Learning Support program at AISB has some fundamental underlying belief statements which guide our approach to working alongside students and their families. These include:

    • We believe that all students are capable and can learn, and have the right to an accessible learning environment that best meets their social-emotional and academic learning needs.
    • We believe in using a strengths based approach with children, and in advocating for and with students to ensure that any decision affecting a child is student centered and include student voice and choice.
    • We believe making mistakes is a natural and integral part of learning that should be viewed as experiences with which to learn and grow from and that behavior is communicative and reflects underlying emotions and feelings. 
    • We believe that parents are partners who know their children well and offer valuable insights and that all students should be included, are valued and feel that they belong within our school community.