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College Counseling at AISB

At AISB, our approach to university counseling comes from a belief of finding the best fit for each student and empowering the student throughout the exploration, research, and application process. We believe that what is best for each individual student varies depending on their unique interests, needs, talents, and preferences.  It is our goal to assist students in identifying their priorities and discovering options around the globe that best align with their personal preferences and the path they wish to take.

Our students are limited to 10 well-researched and informed applications, so universities can trust that an applicant from AISB is a serious applicant. Over the last three years, the majority of AISB students have applied and matriculated to universities in the UK and the Netherlands. The US and Canada are other popular destinations for our graduates.

University representatives can contact Sommer Blohm or Josiah Laposky to discuss the possibility of arranging a visit (virtual or in-person).