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Make a difference

Make a difference

The future is now.

Genuine learning comes from building meaningful relationships and authentic learner-centered experiences.

The secondary section at AISB offers the IB MYP and DP programs that frame the professional planning, and the student reporting and assessment of progress. 

We promote IB’s Learning Profile, and actively support the Approaches to Learning (ATL’s) across all subject areas.

We have a balanced menu of co-curricular activities offered both during the day and after school hours. Our school athletics programs are supported by spacious facilities, and are organized in fall, winter and spring seasons.

Our teachers are seasoned educators in the context of the IB programs. They possess significant international experiences, and are equally passionate about student care and wellbeing, as they are about student learning. There are high levels of teacher engagement in professional learning in areas of school priority, and in other areas of authentic self-driven professional pursuits.


What We Believe

In the Secondary School, we believe in everyone’s profound and shared duty of care for the wellbeing and learning of every child, by creating teams of teachers and support staff who actively support and advocate on behalf of every child’s needs.

We nurture a balanced, holistic approach to learning, by valuing in equal parts social and emotional wellbeing, formal and informal learning, athletics and activities programs, and experiential learning opportunities.

We believe in strong and well resourced tiered systems of support that are designed to help every child succeed.

We aim to create an inclusive community that serves as a place of belonging for all its members, based on adherence to the principles of DEIJ.


Individualized Pathways

We develop member agency over learning, by valuing student and teacher voice and choice, and by purposefully supporting student and teacher leadership capacities.

We support students to live out our vision and mission by developing their capacities to plan, advocate and implement their own learning. 


Leadership & Action

We help students practice leadership in all aspects of school life, by upskilling them in key areas of leadership, by supporting their involvement in one of many student run Councils, by supporting student coaches in sports and activities, by inviting students to serve on special panels that preside and decide over important school matters, by inviting students to faculty meetings on interview panels.

We believe that learning in service to others is the highest form of learning, and ask our students to engage in advocacy and action, equally in our local and global contexts, using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as our framework. 

The secondary leadership team engages in everyday modeling of hands-on best practices, in service to our community.


Digital Learning

At AISB, we believe every member of the school community shares a responsibility to foster technology literacy in all learners. 

Technology integration and frameworks like the ISTE Standards for students are used as lenses to review and enhance the curriculum and our professional practice, providing learning opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.

As an authentic, balanced and intentional process, skills and concepts related to technology use are interwoven into the fabric of our curriculum and taught in context.

In Secondary school, students in grades 6 to 12 bring their own MacBooks to school as part of our BYOMac Program.

Any questions regarding technology in the Elementary level can be addressed to the Digital Learning Coordinator, Gitane Reveilleau, or the Secondary Digital Learning Coach, Troy White.

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Join us!

  • Students aged 12 to 19, from grades 6 to 12, attend the Secondary School.
  • Maximum class size: 20 students
  • Every student is assigned an Advisory mentor, also a comprehensive/college counselor, and, if necessary, a team of professionals in charge of English language development and learning support.
  • Teachers report quarterly on attainment levels according to published IB criterion, and on Approaches to Learning.

Secondary Leadership


Melanie Kempe

Secondary School Principal

David Hughes

Middle School Vice-Principal
Russel Croft copy

Russell Croft

G9-12 Vice-Principal

Aliza Robinson

DP Coordinator

Accreditations & Affiliations

Technology Readiness Council
Keeping Safe
Circle of Security

Contact us

High School Principal
Melanie Kempe
Tel +40 21 204 302

Secondary School Office

Florentina Frunza
Tel +40 21 204 4302

College Counseling Office
Simona Stan
Tel +40 21 204 4201

College Counselors
Sommer Blohm
Josiah Laposky