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Grow, explore & discover

Grow, explore & discover

Learning Explorers

The Early Learning Center at AISB endeavors to create a powerful first experience of learning for our students and families. 

We are a safe, inspiring, engaging community, committed to inclusivity and belonging for all. 

We value play and joyfulness in all learning experiences and aspire to be a center of pedagogical excellence focused on learning and growth for adults and students. 

What We Believe

In the ELC we draw pedagogical influence from the practices of Reggio Emilia, drawing connections between these Reggio practices and the PYP (IBO).

We believe teachers should negotiate the learning path for the student using  the curriculum and its concepts and outcomes  as well as the learner’s interests and “in-the-moment” experiences.

The Image of the Child is our core belief, and as ELC educators, we hold ourselves and each other accountable to this belief. In the ELC we believe that the children are competent and capable human beings who are born with innate abilities to engage with their environment and make connections. 

In the ELC, we value play and see this as the natural vehicle for learning. We endeavor to make learning as playful as possible. We believe that learning should always be joyful.

We believe that children possess an infinite number of ways to perceive the world and an infinite number of ways to express themselves. The “hundred languages” represent the infinite amount of potential each child naturally has, as well as each child’s individual view and take of their community.

We believe in a strong partnership between home and school and invite and encourage families to dialogue, participate and become part of the social and learning fabric of our school.

Ultimately, we are passionate about creating foundational experiences for children that value childhood, promote an enduring, life-long love of learning and instill a sense of responsible citizenship in the world of tomorrow.


Power of Relationships

In the ELC, we recognize the crucial importance of secure attachment(s) in the formative years.

 We create an environment intentionally designed to reflect on the central role that relationships play in the early years, which directly impacts individual growth and development in the subsequent years. 

To support this we use the Circle of Security Program for teachers, carers  and parents. This program supports the building of secure relationships between children (aged 0-12) and the significant adults in their lives. 

We offer all our faculty and parents an opportunity to partake in the Circle of Security Parenting and/or Teacher courses through our in-house faculty facilitators.  We offer this program in English and Romanian.


The Environment

In the ELC, we nurture an environment  for learning that is safe, inviting and stimulating. 

We aim for all of our learners to  have  a strong sense of belonging within our community. The environment in which we learn together goes beyond the traditional classroom walls into outside spaces, gymnasium, library and dining room as places of social learning and experience.


Digital Learning

At AISB, we believe every member of the school community shares a responsibility to foster technology literacy in all learners. 

Technology integration and frameworks like the ISTE Standards for students are used as lenses to review and enhance the curriculum and our professional practice, providing learning opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.

As an authentic, balanced and intentional process, skills and concepts related to technology use are interwoven into the fabric of our program of inquiry and taught in context.

In the ELC, students in EC3 through KG use iPads for learning in school, with a shared set of devices in each classroom.

Any questions regarding technology in the Early Years can be addressed to the Digital Learning Coordinator, Gitane Reveilleau, or the PYP Digital Learning Coach, Sarah Hodgson.

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Join us!

  • Students aged 2 to 6 years old attend The Early Learning Center.

  • Admission details:

    • EC2 – for students who are 2 on or before September 1st.

    • EC3 – for students who are 3 on or before September 1st.

    • EC4 – for students who are 4 on or before September 1st.

    • Kindergarten – for students who are 5 on or before September 1st

  • Maximum Class Sizes:

    • EC2: 12

    • EC3: 15

    • EC4: 18

    • Kindergarten: 20

ELC Leadership


Rosella Diliberto

Early Learning Principal

Sarah Metzger

Early Years Pedagogical Coordinator

Accreditations & Affiliations

Technology Readiness Council
Keeping Safe
Circle of Security

Contact us

ELC Principal
Tel +40 37 248 9400
ELC School Office
Raluca Otopeanu
Tel +40 37 248 9400