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A place to grow

A place to grow

Our Beliefs About Learning

At AISB, we strive to cultivate a community that understands learning and seeks to improve.

AISB engages learners with a rigorous and balanced international education that inspires students to get the best from themselves and others, ethical in their actions and open-minded in their thinking about the world. 

We believe in developing the whole person to be creative, courageous and compassionate in their words and actions.


An IB World School

We are a three program IB school – PYP, MYP and DP – that places the student at the centre of the learning process. We want our young people to develop agency, curiosity and the ability to think independently. IB teaching and learning is focused on supporting students to gain big conceptual understandings about their world while gaining the relevant knowledge to support these understandings. 


Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

We know that for students to learn effectively, they need to feel safe, included and connected to others. For this reason, we place a great deal of emphasis on our social and emotional education and community experiences. We want our students to feel confident to speak up, express their unique voice and acquire leadership skills. 

As a professional community, we are continually reflecting on our approaches to learning and how to serve our students effectively. We want to embrace new ideas and remain current with educational research and innovation. 


Learning Principles

We believe that we can plan for and impact the conditions for learning. Our learning principles identify clear categories of cognitive, social and emotional conditions which enhance learning. Considerable current educational research and our rich experiences as professional educators enabled us to articulate these conditions. 

These Learning Principles aim to outline the conditions that best support all our learners to develop their knowledge, skills and conceptual understandings in all learning areas. We recognize that many of these conditions are connected and may have a multiplier effect when combined.  We also recognize, as John Hattie outlines, nothing works all of the time, but that these conditions work across age-ranges, disciplines and learning contexts.

Mother Tongue Program

One of the ways to foster international education is by nurturing and stimulating high-level mother tongue proficiency.

At AISB we believe it is essential to maintain and encourage the development of our students’ mother tongue, since it supports further language acquisition, helps students develop personal identity and addresses many social, emotional and academic needs.

The mother tongue program at AISB gives students the opportunity to have more learning experiences, to develop academic language, add to their knowledge, grow and share ideas, and establish strong relationships.

The mother tongue courses may take place during the regular schedule or after school, depending on various factors, such as English language proficiency levels, number of students, teacher availability etc.

For more information, please contact the program coordinators: 
Alina Guzganu (Elementary School)
Kate Sorrell (Secondary School)


Learning Pathways

Learn more about our beliefs and mission as you delve into the student experience within our three sections.

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