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AISB Parent-Teacher Organization

We are sure you are all looking forward to an amazing year for us and for our kids. The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) would like to welcome you to AISB!

The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers whose goal is to support the education of AISB students by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers. The PTO strives for continued parental involvement to help build a better educational environment for our children.

We provide resources to assist teachers and administration in doing their best work. Through fundraising, the PTO is able to donate funds to purchase equipment for the school. We are also involved in efforts to help the local community.

What you do matters! Especially to your kid!

Our community is blessed with a very enthusiastic and hands-on PTO organization that believes our children are our greatest investment in life! Our Organization supports the education of AISB students by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers, activities and communication between different parts of our community.

Diversity, versatility, multi-cultures, enthusiasm, vivacity, high expectations, high participations of our kids and of our valuable volunteers, and many other aspects of our community motivate us, even more, to enjoy from being an active part of such a unique environment, such as the AISB. Blessed even more to be in such a wonderful country like Romania – with its rich cultural heritage, wonderful countryside, wonderful people!

Every AISB parent is automatically a member of PTO. There are no membership fees. There are endless possibilities in ways you can help – as much or as little as you like! We need each and every one of our community members to be part of this magic! Whatever time you have to volunteer, help and have fun, it’s going to be of great fun and a great help to all: to the community, to you, to your child. Please consider volunteering – we need your ideas and energy.

Contact Us: pto@aisb.ro

PTO Executive Committee for 2019/2020

Kimberley Wright – PTO President – pto@goaisb.ro

Kate Douthett – PTO Vice President 

Chelsi Mickle – PTO Secretary – ptosecretary@goaisb.ro

Despina Szavuj – PTO Treasurer – ptotreasurer@goasib.ro

Nita Bhasin – PTO DP Representative (11th & 12th grade) – ptodpr@goaisb.ro

Luana Savulescu – PTO Upper Secondary Representative (9th &10th grade) – ptousr@goaisb.ro

Aida Carstens – PTO Lower Secondary Representative (6th, 7th & 8th grade) – ptolsr@goaisb.ro

Keren Temelie – PTO ES Representative – ptoes@goasib.ro

Anne-Marieke Evers – PTO ELC Representative – ptoelc@goaisb.ro

Dana Lev – PTO Communications and Social Media Content Chair – ptocomms@goaisb.ro

Spirit Committee Chair – TBD

Monica Bommer-Neuner – Country Committee Chair 

Fareha Kahn – Welcome Committee Chair 

Terry O’Donnell Parsons- Gala Committee Chair

Wendy Weston – Prom Committee Chair

PTO Events

Make sure you don’t miss the yearly PTO events – their exact dates are included every year on the PTO Board in the school atrium, in the newsletters, in the ManageBac calendar, and on the website.

September Terry Fox Run, PTO Welcome Back Picnic

October Halloween, Zombie Run,

November Harvest Festival

Winter / Spring Artisan Fairs

December Festival of Lights

April Auction Gala

May International Festival


We encourage you to volunteer as a country liaison for your country. In this capacity, you would share all AISB information and news in native languages and support community events. Look out for an email coming soon after school starts asking for volunteers for country liaisons. If you know you would like to volunteer, please email the PTO at pto@goaisb.ro

PTO Grant Request Form

money iconPlease click here to download the PTO Grant Request Form

Become a PTO Volunteer

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The PTO needs your help with our ongoing committees and special events. We welcome all parents (or other relatives) with open arms! Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. If you have any questions please email us at pto@aisb.ro

Thank you so much!

Please let us know how you might be able to help by checking boxes below. We will contact you to discuss details.

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