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Student leadership

AISB secondary believes in developing visionary, goal driven and action oriented student leaders.  Exhibiting an awareness of self and others, AISB believes in student empowerment and leadership, and understands that a leader comes in all forms. AISB believes that:

  • A leader is accountable to others
  • A leader works collaboratively toward a common objective through the sharing of ideas, trust
  • A leader communicates effectively and respectfully with others, one on one, in groups and in front of audiences, in a verbal and non verbal way
  • A leader engages others in dialogue, decision making and reflections creating more opportunity for a relationship driven culture
  • A leader learns how to critically examine themselves to become ethical leaders who act with respect, trust, fairness and respect the community around them
  • A leader is supportive of all and actively seeks to involve the whole community to foster a sense of belonging for all members

Using our language for leadership, AISB encourages students to step up and have a voice in their in their lessons, in their co curricular activities and in the community that surrounds them. For student leadership role, in all forms, training is undergone followed up by ongoing coaching and mentoring by our teachers . This support allows the student to brief and debrief what they are doing and by reflecting on their experiences as leaders skills and understand himself as a leader.

Current student leadership opportunities at AISB:

  • Third Millennium student leadership training – a year long training program consisting of 10 workshops with an outside agency. All student council members undergo this training, with opportunities for service learning leaders and other students to step up and take part.
  • GO LEAD UK leaders award – a day long intensive training for all student coaches, activity leaders and service learning leaders
  • Peer counsellors retreat –  a 3 day retreat for all students who wish to be peer mentors
  • Mother tongue student led committee for multilingualism  – in-house workshop based training

MS STUCO role and goal document written by MS STUCO students


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