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Service Learning

  • At secondary school, the Service Learning program has made gigantic leaps forward over the years, with amazing Service Learning experiences for and by the students. Students and teachers work together with Romanian NGO’s and other organisations and many students have initiated their own Service Learning activity.

    The Service Learning programme in secondary school is split into two components: the 6th and 7th grade work within their advisory classes, and the rest of the grade levels either work within Service Learning groups (of which there are over 20, mostly student run) or independently other small groups.

    6th and 7th grade

    In 6th and 7th grade, students work within their advisory groups on 3 different Service projects, to introduce them to the 4 types of Service Learning and the Service Learning design cycle. Their experiences include planning a Halloween game for the PTO Elementary School party, supporting a secondary school service group, and raising awareness of prisoners of conscience in connection with Amnesty International.They will be involved in concrete Action such as organising a bake-sale to raise funds to buy much needed school equipment for the P.A.V.E.L. school, explaining to other grades the situation of prisoners of conscience during an info market, playing with ES children on Halloween and playing soccer on a Saturday with Parada children.

    8th grade and HS

    With more than 20 different service groups to join and a dedicated Wednesday block in the schedule, there are plenty of opportunities for grade 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 students to learn new skills and make a difference to those in need through the AISB’s Service Learning Program. There are currently over 20 Service groups and several student led groups. Each student plans to work with one chosen group for the entire year. Service groups are supervised by a teacher and have one or more student leader(s) who supports the supervisor and is the “face” of the group. Students meet regularly to plan, discuss and participate, during the dedicated Service Learning time every other week and outside of school hours. Several Service groups also organize events during the weekends.

    Students have opportunities to visit children’s hospitals to interact with their patients, they invite refugee children and terminally ill children for visits to AISB, they play with babies in a hospital, they support events with music and films, they run school-based events such as “Stuff the Bus” and CEESA athletics and activities events, they support a dog shelter, volunteer at the Terry Fox Run, collaborate with the PTO during International day, they run English classes for Romanian students from a local school, and they can take part in many more exciting small and large learning experiences.

    Middle and high school students also collaborate with ES students in projects such as “Stuff the Bus”, “100 days of school” and the forest clean up sessions. Service Learning is done throughout the whole school and one of the aims of the program is to work as one school and create opportunities for older students to work with younger students and visa versa, to learn from each other and to share passions and expertise.

    Another group within the AISB community that secondary school students support is the PTO. The grade 6 and 7 students plan and create games for the PTO Halloween event and the older students work side by side with the PTO during the PTO Gala and International Day.

    Apart from making a difference to others and learning from the actions taken, the Service Learning program at AISB also actively supports and promotes Student Leadership and student initiatives. The students in Secondary School all contribute, in their own ways, to make the world a better place and learn from these experiences.

    Examples of Service Learning groups include: Amnesty International, Varsity Club, Student Council, Two Hands, Roots and Shoots, Hospice, Library Outreach, Peer Tutoring, Yearbook, Making a Difference (MAD), Hope for Tudor, Teaching in Romanian Schools, Global Issues Service Network, PAWS, HIV Support, PAVEL, A lending hand, Service through Film, Service through Music and many more.


Varsity (Booster) Club
Two Hands
Roots and Shoots
Library Outreach
Peer Tutoring
Making a Difference (MAD)
Hope for Tudor
Teaching in Romanian Schools
Wiser / GIN
HIV Support
A lending hand
Service through Film

There are also many other smaller student run initiatives / goups


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