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Early Learning and Elementary Activities

  • At AISB, we believe that activities outside of school play an important role in the development of our students. The Co-Curricular Program provides a wide variety of activities suited to our student’s interests and abilities, above and beyond the regular school day. This program is designed for the benefit and well being of all of our students, as well as to build a sense of school community and school spirit. The diverse range of activities that we offer gives our students opportunities to become risk takers, and to develop new skills and passions beyond the academic timetable. Furthermore, our after school program provides students with occasions to socialize with each other and make new friends.

Secondary Activities

  • AISB believes that a varied program of student athletics is vital to the educational development of the student as a whole, while offering opportunities to serve and strengthen the community.  AISB is a member of the Central Eastern European Schools Association. High school Junior Varsity and Varsity  teams and middle school Varsity teams travel the region to compete against other CEESA member schools based in central and eastern Europe.

Whole School Arts

  • We have a plethora of co-curricular activities on offer throughout the year. Our programme is split into trimesters and runs alongside our sport seasons. Some of our co-curricular activities are even led and run by our student leaders. Over 50 activities are on offer in elementary each season, ranging from Art to Zumba. In middle and high school, students have a variety of activities that they can do, and have opportunities to travel to join other students in competitions, festivals and conferences throughout Europe and beyond.  Activities on offer in middle and high school include

    band, chess, choir, comic book creating, cooking, filmmaking, floor hockey, handball, math, jazz combo, Model United Nations, photography, podcasting, speech and debate, TEDx group and weight training.

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