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Early Learning and Elementary Activities

  • At AISB, we believe that activities outside of school play an important role in the development of our students. The Co-Curricular Program provides a wide variety of activities suited to our student’s interests and abilities, above and beyond the regular school day. This program is designed for the benefit and well being of all of our students, as well as to build a sense of school community and school spirit. The diverse range of activities that we offer gives our students opportunities to become risk takers, and to develop new skills and passions beyond the academic timetable. Furthermore, our after school program provides students with occasions to socialize with each other and make new friends.

  • In the PYP, activities include the following for students in Kindergarten until Grade 5:

    • Arts and Crafts
    • Basketball
    • Choir
    • Card and Board Games
    • 3D Design
    • Outdoor Multi-Sports
    • Culinary Arts
    • Painting
    • Book Club
    • Drama Games
    • Dodgeball
    • Movement Games
    • Stories Alive
    • Gymnastics
    • Yoga and Mindfulness
    • Musical Production
    • Language for Romanians: Spanish and French
    • Romanian for Beginners
    • Mother Tongue: Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Urdu, French, German, Turkish, and Hebrew
    • Football
    • Choir
    • Orchestra
    • Dance Clinic
    • Chess
    • Trip Around the World
    • Lettering
    • Film Making
    • Fencing
    • Zumba
    • Student Council
    • Chinese Language and Culture

Secondary Activities

  • AISB believes that a varied program of student athletics is vital to the educational development of the student as a whole, while offering opportunities to serve and strengthen the community.  AISB is a member of the Central Eastern European Schools Association. High school Junior Varsity and Varsity  teams and middle school Varsity teams travel the region to compete against other CEESA member schools based in central and eastern Europe.

  • Fall       Cross Country, Soccer, Tennis (MS) and Volleyball (HS)
    Winter        Basketball and Swimming
    Spring         Softball, Tennis (HS), Track and Volleyball (MS)


  • Q. How often are practices?

    A. Middle School

    Sports practices take place every Tuesday and Thursday and activities practices run on Monday and Friday. They typically run from after school until 5pm.

    High School sports practices take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and activities practices run on Tuesday and Thursday. These typically run until 5pm.

    Q. Who coaches the teams?

    A. Where possible, we try to recruit coaches from within our staff community. Where there is no one with the relevant experience or skills set, we look to recruit specialist coaches from within Bucharest.

    Q. How are athletes selected for the sports teams?

    A. At the beginning of each season, tryouts are held, normally for the first two or three days of practice. All students wanting to be considered for a team should sign up and attend tryouts. When selecting a team, coaches are encouraged to assess the athletes’ skill level, knowledge of the game, team work, personality and fitness.

    In Middle School especially, selecting teams at that age level is a difficult and sensitive process. The Middle School coaches and the Athletic Director are all involved in team selection process, to ensure that the best possible teams for each age level are selected. After the teams have been selected, we expect all athletes who were not successful in getting in to the first team to commit to the whole season and continue training.

    Q. What is the hosting system (for tournaments and travel) and why do you do it?

    A. When our AISB Vampires travel to CEESA events, the host school community will welcome our sons and daughters into their homes for the duration of their stay. When AISB hosts a CEESA tournament our international guests are similarly housed by our own school community. These events are able to happen thanks to our supportive parent community and their hospitality.

    Families who have children participating in the middle and high school athletic and activity program must be aware of the hosting responsibilities that AISB undertakes through our membership and support of CEESA.

    Q. What opportunities are provided to those students who are not selected for the travel team?

    A. Students that are not selected to be on the travel team are expected to continue training for the season. They will become part of the vampire junior’s team and will have opportunities to play matches and tournaments with against local schools.

    Q. What is CEESA?

    A. CEESA stands for the Central & Eastern European Schools Association and provides AISB with a wealth of opportunities to travel to compete in athletics and activities. See their website for more information: www.ceesa.org.

    Q. What is BISAC?

    A. BISAC stands for the Bucharest International Schools Athletics Conference and was set up this year with the aim of providing quality sports tournaments, matches and festivals for all students. AISB is a founder member of BISAC along with the International School of Bucharest and the British School of Bucharest.

    Q. Can Middle School students play on a High School Team?

    A. Middle School students who display exceptional talent may play for the High School team provided they have trained for the whole season with that team and the application to CEESA is approved. The application must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the tournament taking place.

    Q. Who do the teams play and how often do they compete?

    A. Our teams have the opportunity to play in CEESA tournaments and events, usually at the end of the season. Sports teams also play matches and tournaments with local schools and club teams throughout the season.

    Q. If students travel throughout Europe, how much does this cost?

    A. CEESA trip costs typically range from 300 to 500 Euros depending on the location and time of the year. Non-CEESA trips such as AMIS, ISTA or Film Festival tend to cost more due to extra accommodation and registration fees associated with the trip.

    Q. What is the Vampires Varsity Club?

    A. The Vampires Varsity Club is a student body set up to help promote all forms of Vampire life! They are heavily involved in tournaments held at AISB and undertake jobs such as running the concession stand (the booster club), livestreaming the events, scorekeeping and promoting the tournament.

Whole School Arts

  • We have a plethora of co-curricular activities on offer throughout the year. Our programme is split into trimesters and runs alongside our sport seasons. Some of our co-curricular activities are even led and run by our student leaders. Over 50 activities are on offer in elementary each season, ranging from Art to Zumba. In middle and high school, students have a variety of activities that they can do, and have opportunities to travel to join other students in competitions, festivals and conferences throughout Europe and beyond.  Activities on offer in middle and high school include

    band, chess, choir, comic book creating, cooking, filmmaking, floor hockey, handball, math, jazz combo, Model United Nations, photography, podcasting, speech and debate, TEDx group and weight training.

  • A wide range of visual and performing arts opportunities are available to elementary, middle and high school students. Annual productions include full-length shows in high school and middle school as well as a musical in elementary school. All these take place in our fantastic Taher Theatre. To further enhance student experiences, AISB middle and high school students also go on theatre trips organised through ISTA each year.

    Students also have the opportunity to showcase their musical skills with opportunities to join band, strings or choir festivals that take place within our CEESA community.  AISB students also travel to the annual European Schools Film Festival and have picked up numerous awards throughout the years.

  • We have just started offering the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to students in grade 8 to 12. The world’s leading youth achievement award encourages students to push themselves – outside of the classroom – in four areas (service, skill, physical recreation and adventurous journey).  We are very excited to offer more opportunities for students to learn, through doing and providing more experiential learning for AISB students . For more information about the program you can visit the website – http://www.intaward.org/

  • Music in Primary Years Program (PYP) at AISB is thriving. Students, teachers and parents alike benefit from various opportunities.  A few of them are:

    • PYP choir
    • PYP orchestra
    • Various performances and talent shows
    • Community choir
    • PYP rock band

    Collaboration is encouraged; staff also get involved and we have a school teachers’ band to boot! We also have a busy after school music program including our musical production and after school instrumental lessons.

    The classroom music lessons are practical in nature with a focus on performance and composition. We believe in learning through doing to help with musical concepts; children bring their own instruments to use in lessons, as well as being exposed to tuned and untuned percussion covering essential ensemble and listening skills. They learn to read music rhythms, how the stave works, compose their own music to film and stories, and tie the learning into their units of inquiry to gain a deeper understanding. Singing underpins all we do, and we instill in pupils a desire and passion for performance whilst protecting and developing the voice.

    We look forward to creating music with your children soon.

    Grade 1 On a log practice

    Grade 2 crazy man

    Grade 3 big piece practice

    Grade 4 weather compositions

    Grade 4 garageband composition

    Grade 5 simple ensemble skills work


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