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This commemorative 50th anniversary book takes you on a journey from AISB’s humble beginnings in a two-room school to the beautiful purpose built campus on 10 hectares that opened its 50th school year with over 800 students.

AISB’s Beginnings

AISB officially opened its doors in September 1962 with two teachers and six children in three rooms in Vasile Conta. The new school was equipped with American textbooks donated by families. Desks, blackboards, and other supplies were purchased in Frankfurt and brought to Romania on U.S. military planes. Despite the scarce materials and inherent hardships, there was a deep commitment to make the first year a success and to ensure a future for the new school.

From the beginning, academic results proved most gratifying, and parent-student morale was high. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the school’s first big challenge outside of teaching. Instigated by the regime and infiltrated by security agents, mob protests against the Legation led to violence on the streets. Security for the students became the most pressing concern and students were not allowed out on the playground for almost one month. The school weathered this event and over the next three years enrollment continued to grow as we began to admit children from other foreign missions.

Dramatic Changes at AISB

In the 1980s, the school had moved to a different location, on Engineer Nicolae Costinescu street. This campus became warmly known simply as ‘Costinescu.’ It shared a common wall with the television station and consequently became part of the tumultuous revolution that was rapidly developing at the end of December 1989. The school building and grounds were part of the area experiencing fierce fighting and the school was occupied. It wasn’t until the middle of January 1990 that we were able to re-enter the school to find out that it had been destroyed; riddled with bullet holes, shattered windowpanes, and fallen plaster. It was entirely unsafe to re-open.

By the end of January 1990, however, classes were resumed. As the school continued to grow, another location was acquired in 1993 and the Dorobanti campus was opened and another in 1996 in Laptari. Thus, the school operated in three different locations throughout the city. As in the past, the international community rallied to keep the educational program going and this spirit of community continues to be a driving force of AISB.

Over the years, as Romania has opened its doors to more foreign investment and has become a member of the European Union, the student population has continued to increase dramatically. AISB’s new, purpose-built campus was opened in 2001 and continues to meet the needs of our community today.

Read the heartwarming story of the little school that could in AISB’s 50th Anniversary Book. Click on the image in the top left hand of this page to enjoy the story.

Please enjoy the following movie produced by one of our Grade 10 students at the time, now a Medical student at University.

50 Years of Dedication

Past & Present

AISB was established in September 1962

In the groovy 60s there were 10 students from 3 countries taught by 2 teachers in 3 rooms in Vasile Conta

The Shaky 70s saw 100 students and 20 faculty and staff from 20 countries pass through the halls of the Popa Chitu building 

120 students and 20 faculty and staff from 30 countries called Costinescu their campus in the Tumultuous 80s

40 nationalities were represented in the Changing 90s by 350 students, 60 faculty and staff and 3 campus locations around Bucharest

The New Millenium brought a 10 hectare purpose-built campus to 800 students and 200 members of faculty and staff from 55 countries

AISB currently serves the needs of over 900 students from 63 nationalities and has a faculty and staff force of over 290 dedicated professionals representing 13 countries. Two expansion plans are currently underway.

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