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VisionMissionLearningBelongingCapacity BuildingService & CommunityCampus StewardshipFinancial StewardshipCommunity Relations


We aspire to be a creative, courageous and compassionate learning community.


AISB engages learners with a rigorous and balanced international education that inspires students to get the best from themselves and others, ethical in their actions and open-minded in their thinking about the world.


To cultivate a community that understands learning and seeks to improve.

  • AISB Learning Principles are embedded in planning, pedagogy and learning spaces throughout our school.
  • Students form strong, transferable understandings while acquiring knowledge and skills through our concept-based curriculum.
  • Educators build the capacity, efficacy and craftsmanship to facilitate and assess concept-based teaching & learning.
  • Students are self-directed learners who are able to pursue their aspirations with determination and social-emotional intelligence.
  • All learners understand and use the Approaches to Learning to reflect on their learning and define their next step.


To create a safe, inclusive and connected community where everyone feels a deep sense of belonging.

  • Our community enhances a sense of well-being through growing our social and emotional competencies.
  • AISB strengthens our practices towards building an inclusive, equitable and diverse community.
  • Our community understands, exemplifies and lives our shared core values and norms.
  • AISB engages our community in building CQ skills for living and connecting across cultures.
  • Celebrations and social connections unite our AISB community.

Capacity Building

To empower our learning community to develop their voice, agency and leadership capacity.

  • AISB attracts and retains high quality and diverse staff and faculty through transparent and fair HR policies and practices.
  • AISB has sustainable systems for professional learning, using coaching and mentoring as tools.
  • Student voice, leadership and agency are continuously developed through sustainable pathways.
  • Celebrations and social connections unite our AISB community.

Service & Community

To instill and nurture a sense of belonging and stewardship of communities beyond AISB.

  • AISB responds to the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by fostering understanding, action, and leadership.
  • AISB nurtures collaborations with the host country and supports local communities.
  • Our community understands, exemplifies and lives our shared core values and norms.
  • AISB engages our community in building CQ skills for living and connecting across cultures.
  • Celebrations and social connections unite our AISB community.

Campus Stewardship

To ensure a safe, healthy and inspiring physical and virtual learning environment for all.

  • Develop and action an AISB facilities masterplan to support the further development of forward-thinking learning spaces.
  • This plan is aligned with our capital investment strategy.
  • Ensure that emergency planning and procedures remain current, effective and understood by the community.
  • Ensure a robust and secure technology infrastructure and professional support system to support online learning and work.

Financial Stewardship

To ensure effective, ethical, and efficient financial systems and accountability structures that secure the financial health of AISB.

  • Set financial and business procedures that are benchmarked against best practices among non-for-profit organization.
  • Implement effective monitoring systems to support the processing of transactions, internal controls, and timely and accurate financial reporting.
  • Define strategy to achieve the liquidity level to protect the school against cash shortfalls and to build a resource base for the future programmes.
  • Develop a risk management framework that anticipates financial demands and can be responsive to operational changes that affect our budget cycles.
  • Further develop tuition fee strategies to support all members of the AISB community.

Community Relations

To engage the AISB and local communities in the life of the school and inspire them with our vision and mission.

  • Execute an authentic, efficient, and effective communications strategy that showcases school and community best practices that further the vision of AISB.
  • Develop a sustainable community association to support the school and the wider community through positive actions, open-mindedness and an inclusive mindset.
  • Immersing each prospective family in a personalized admissions process that supports the school’s enrolment strategy through the choice of mission-appropriate students and families.
  • Engaging former students, parents and faculty in school and community events in order to maintain the feeling of belonging and reciprocal support.
  • Furthering the AISB Vision within the school and the wider community by friend-raising, fundraising and drawing on community expertise.