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Visiting AISB

The safety and security of our students is of utmost importance to us. Please review the following guidelines with regards to visiting AISB. For security purposes, please remember to bring valid identification with you when you visit AISB.

AISB Families

Each AISB family will be issued a Parking Permit (maximum 3 per family) which will allow family vehicles to be parked inside the campus. Parents will be issued photo parent badges upon request – these must be used to enter the campus. If parents do not have personalized electronic badges, they must present themselves to reception to receive a temporary Parent badge. Extended family members and family friends must present themselves to reception with their host family to receive Visitor Passes. Badges and passes must be worn at all times while on campus.

Family Aids

Family aids must be registered by parents at the Reception prior to carrying out their family responsibilities. Following registration, Family Aids will be issued temporary ‘Family Aid’ badges with each visit to the AISB campus. They must present valid identification at reception.


Visitors who are not affiliated to AISB must have an appointment with any of the AISB Offices as per their needs to enter the campus. Vehicles will be parked outside the campus gates. Visitors must present themselves to the security guards with valid identification and will receive a Visitor pass, which must be worn at all times whilst on campus. The AISB security guards will confirm the appointment by telephone and direct Visitors to the appropriate location. Please review the Contact Us page to make appointments with the respective Office.


Alumni must make an appointment with the AISB Alumni Coordinator in order to enter the campus. Alumni will be issued ‘Alumni’ badges for use during their stay.

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