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New Student Orientation_Stanga

Welcome to AISB!

Wherever you are coming from in the world, we look forward to welcoming you. We have compiled some information here so that you have a one-stop shop for all you need to know. We are looking forward to meeting you!

In preparation for your first day as part of our amazing community, here are some important details for you:


  1. Orientation Day for New Students and Parents will take place on August 22nd, 2016 starting from 8:30 AM until around 12:00. While a set schedule has not yet been established, this day will include a general overview of the important contacts at school, visiting the student’s class, touring the school with peers, and meeting key contacts such as the: transportation companies, Parent and Teacher Organization representatives, Cafeteria crew, School Photographer, and many more. Detailed information about the schedule of the day will be sent closer to August 22nd.
  2. If you are joining AISB later in the year, please contact the Manager of Admissions, Catalina Gardescu at to arrange an individual orientation meeting. This should be planned before the first day of school for any student as it offers an opportunity to look around the school without the pressure of being new in class.


Security and wellbeing of all of students, parents and staff on our campus premises are of utmost importance to us. Please see below, in brief, compulsory security measures you have to follow to be able to enter the campus with your car and to be able to enter the building.

Please see here the Parking Permit form. Once you complete this form you will receive parking permits (3 per family) and you will be able to enter the campus parking lot with your car. 

In order to receive a parent ID badge, please stop by the Admissions Office to have your photo taken or send your electronic photo to You will be notified when your badge is ready.

All front doors to the AISB Campus are open until 8 AM and after 14:30 PM (13:30 PM on Wednesdays). After 8 AM and before 14:30/13:30, access will be granted only through the main door (by Reception). You will then need to use your parent badge or show your ID to receive a temporary badge and be granted access. All Family Aides (FA) must be registered at Reception ( and present ID when they enter the campus. When they arrive, they will present the ID and get a temporary badge. All individuals requiring entrance into the school must comply by these rules regardless of how many years they have been associated with AISB.


We know how important it is for you to be able to reach the appropriate people in need. Below are some important contacts. Very soon we will publish a contact card and a contact magnet that you will be able to display at your convenience.

Reception –Mrs. Rucsandra Obretin &Mrs. Sandra Ziptzer / 021–2044300

Admissions Office – Ms. Catalina Gardescu / 021 – 2044333

Early Childhood Admin Assistant – Mrs. Cristina Marinescu / 021–2044307

Elementary School Admin Assistant – Mrs. Cristina Iordache / 021–2044301

Middle School Admin Assistants –Mrs. Florentina Frunza / 021–2044302 &Mrs. Oana Velcu / 021–2044308

High School Admin Assistants –Mrs. Simona Stan / 021–2044315 &Ms. Ana Fenyo / 021–2044201

Doctor’s office –Dr. Anita Pop &Dr. Ana Maria Popa / 021–2044304

Cafeteria Manager – Mr. Daniel Obretin / 0767 067 520 (8:00-16:00)

Director’s Assistant – Mrs. Doina Adrian / 021–2044311

Business Manager – Mrs. Lia Comanescu / 021–2044350

Registrar – Ms. Laura Amza / 021–2044237



Once school starts we invite you to check your email every Friday to read the Primary Years and Secondary School Program weekly newsletters. Let us know if you do not receive it (you might want to check your Spam folder as well). In order to read this newsletter you will need to log in into the AISB ManageBac platform. If you have trouble logging in, please email AISB Registrar, Laura Amza at

At the end of every month, we send you the Monthly Newsletter. This is meant to provide a more holistic picture of what happens at AISB. This newsletter is not password protected.

By liking the AISB Facebook page you can also stay tuned to daily updates of activities.

Check out the AISB website Quicklinks to find the 2016 – 2017 school calendar. Please let us know if you have questions.


The Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) is an extremely active and committed group at AISB. Visit their page on the school website and reach out to the Newcomers Coordinator, Mrs. Fabiana Papastefani-Pezzoni at

Stay tuned during the school year for information about PTO events, room parents, nationality liaisons, and more. Please remember your involvement in the PTO is welcomed and highly appreciated as parents’ contribution to the children’s educational and social life always makes a tremendous difference.

Welcome from the PTO!