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For students to enter IB Mathematics Higher Level they should have achieved a minimum final grade of 7 in Math 10 Regular or a minimum final grade of a 6 in Math 10 Extended.

Placement in a class is also based on teachers? recommendations.

Any changes in the students? placements should be discussed and confirmed with the students, teachers, parents, HS counselor and IB coordinator.

Course Content
Mathematics at the Higher Level is a two ?year course offered to students with a good background in mathematics who are competent in a range of analytical and technical skills. This course develops important mathematical concepts in a comprehensible and coherent way. Students in this course are expected to be comfortable and happy in the world of mathematics. They must also be prepared to work hard in order to master the material.

The portfolio work involves mathematical investigation and mathematical modeling. This work must be done by students, but this does allow students to work without the time constraint of a written examination.


        Read, interpret and solve a given problem using appropriate mathematical terms

        Formulate a mathematical argument and communicate it clearly

        Select and use appropriate mathematical strategies and techniques

        Demonstrate an understanding of both the significance and the reasonableness of results

        Recognize patterns and structures in a variety of situations and make generalizations

        Use appropriate technological devices as mathematical tools

IB Assessment
External Assessment
There are three exams taken at the end of the second year.
Paper I - Time: 2 hours Weight: 30%
This paper consists of 20 compulsory short-response questions based on the core of the syllabus.
Paper II - Time: 2 hours Weight: 30%
The paper consists of 5 compulsory extended-response questions based on the core of the syllabus.
Paper III ? Time: 1 hour Weight: 20%
This paper consists of four sections, one on each of the options in the syllabus. Each section has a small number of extended-response questions based mainly on the option topic.

Internal Assessment
Portfolio: Two pieces of written work that must represent the students own efforts to understand a given aspect of mathematics. Weight: 20%

AISB Grading
Quarter grades are based on a mixture of class work, home work, class quizzes, tests, portfolio work and internal examinations.

Textbook: Mathematics for the International Student, Mathematics HL, Haese & Harris Publications
Graphing calculator
A folder to store all work in an organized fashion.

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