You saw them play in the finals last year at home when CEESA Kiev was canceled and the tournament was divided. Moscow couldn’t offer live streaming this past weekend so here’s the recap: The MS girls volleyball team won their tournament, going undefeated in pool play on Friday. They didn’t even drop a single game. Then they beat Istanbul in the semifinals 3-0 and met Prague for the first time in the finals, winning 3-1. When everything went wrong—twice (ask John O’Brien for the story)—in the semifinals against Istanbul, the team simply adjusted and talked to each other to make sure that every position was covered and the front row knew who would be setting. Their ability to play like a team and take care of each other was wonderful. Every member of the team brought their best play and sportsmanship to court in the final match. Other coaches talked about how there were no weaknesses on this team, that John and I could play anyone off the bench without interrupting our team’s flow, and how the girls could pull themselves together after losing 2-3 points in a row and get the serve back every time. They were positive and kind to themselves and other teams at the tournament—a credit to AISB.