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STEP INTO THE EXTRAORDINARY –  a giant leap to prepare our children to lead the future

Join us in the creation of


A uniquely designed, innovative space with a new way of teaching and learning, this center will offer students a fully immersive experience. One of its kind in Europe, this will be a state of the art learning hub that will combine academics and creativity with the power of doing.

Key features:

A combination of traditional learning with modern design processes, in a completely non-linear mode.

An opportunity for all AISB students ages 8 to 18, to explore, innovate and be intellectual risk-takers.

A collective learning model and individual endeavor are the stars of our new approach.

The cultural integration of diverse subjects, together with interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches to learning.

A push towards investigation, exploration, and experimenting; trial and error.

“We are educating tomorrow’s leaders. As such, we must nurture principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers who are balanced and reflective. They will lead through respectful discourse, building conduits across cultures and finding creative solutions to barriers.”
Dr. Robert Brindley, AISB Director

Amount raised - 420,000 €
Our Goal - 500,000 €

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