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Early Childhood & Primary Program


From the Early Childhood 2 Program to Grade 5, all homeroom teachers and specialists (including Special Educational Needs) work very hard to put together and maintain the Weebly Pages. Find the page of your child’s class. Email Catalina Gardescu at cgardescu@aisb.ro to get the password.

Bookmark this page in your device as you will want to visit it weekly – I suggest making a coffee/tea weebly date on Mondays when most of the new information is usually posted. This is where you can find information about the curriculum, classroom important notices, a gallery of photos and videos from the class, samples of student work, homework (updated every Monday), useful links, links to all Weebly pages and many other important things.



The PYP section of our school benefits greatly from the help of our PYP Counselor, Mrs. Amanda Quigley. You can reach her at aquigley@aisb.ro. AISB helps a lot with transition of students and parents so make sure you reach out.

  3. AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Our After School Activity (ASA) & Clinic program aims to provide students with a wide range of opportunities to engage in extracurricular activites and encourages them to become lifelong learners and movers. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic, academic and artistic based activities. Our programs run across 3 seasons; Fall, Winter and Spring.

For any further questions or queries regarding the ASA program please contact Mr Magowan mmagowan@aisb.ro


We look forward to welcoming you on the first day and thereafter. In the hope that your stay at AISB will be engaging and inspiring, please let us know if there is anything else we can help with so that you feel fully prepared.


Catalina Gardescu | Manager of Admissions & External Relations | engage  prepare inspire | Email cgardescu@aisb.ro
American  International  School  of  Bucharest | Phone +40-21-2044333| Fax +40-21-2044384 | Mobile: 0721 301 345





Please see below the daily schedules per school sections. As classes start promptly at 8 AM, please make sure students get to school on time.

During the first week at school all grades in the Early Childhood 2 through Kindergarten level will be dismissed at noon.

Early Childhood & Primary Years Program

Classes start promptly at 8 AM every day of the week and end at 15:00 PM every day except for Wednesday when dismissal is at 14:00 PM.

If your child is absent please notify the office – Cristina Iordache – cristinaiordache@aisb.ro or 0212044301

Any child at school beyond regular class hours who is not participating in an after school activity and is not under direct parental supervision will be sent to the After School Care (15:00 onwards for EC and 15:05 onwards for ES). Parents will then receive an invoice for this service.

Secondary School

Classes start promptly at 8 AM every day of the week and end at 15:10 PM every day except for Wednesday when dismissal is at 14:00 PM.

If your child is absent please notify the office – Simona Stan – sstan@aisb.ro or 0212044315.

Any late arrivals must report to the Secondary School office.


EST 1962 by the US Embassy

Local and expatriate families from government, business, and social welfare organizations

Highly qualified faculty with continuous access to current instructional materials, teaching strategies, and professional development.


830 students from 53 nationalities

Top 5 nationalities: 28% Romanians, 18% North American, 6% Israeli, 4% German, and 4% Korean

180 members of faculty, representing 31 countries and 17 languages. 80:20 foreign to local faculty and 10:1 student to faculty ratios.

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