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Principal’s Welcome


Alba Carollo
Middle School Principal

Welcome to the Middle School at AISB!

The American International School of Bucharest has a reputation for excellence in education, and we are committed to working as a team to ensure that our curriculum, pedagogy, and programs are based upon the developmental readiness, needs, and interests of our young adolescents. 

AISB is an IB World School fully authorized to offer the IB-Middle Years Programme (MYP), which emphasizes intellectual challenge and encourages students to make connections between their subjects and the real world. The MYP fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement: qualities that are essential for life in the 21st century.

The AISB Middle School welcomes students in grades 6 through 8, in a program which endeavors to be academically rigorous while remaining developmentally responsive. Toward these two goals, the school emphasizes the whole child, providing a wide variety of excellent academic and co-curricular experiences.

We are a proud member of CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association), and our students participate in a wide variety of sporting events as well as intellectual activities such as Math Counts, Speech and Debate, and Knowledge Bowl. Additionally, every year, Middle School students experience an educational travel experience that is distinguished for promoting global awareness and team building.

We believe that becoming socially responsible is the foundation for success in Middle School, and in life. That is why our Community Agreements of being caring, responsible and principled are an integral part of everyday life at AISB.

Our motto is “Parents are our Partners” and we consider the family, the foundation upon which we build a strong home – school partnership. We invite you to join in our quest to engage, prepare and inspire each student to his and her full potential.

Please explore our web site for more information about our middle school, and contact me if you have questions or would like further information about our school.

Warm Regards,

Alba Carollo
Middle School Principal

Jon CAIN_0035Welcome to AISB. Our aim is to provide an outstanding international education which inspires students to realize their full potential and prepares them to be successful and responsible global citizens. To achieve this end we are an IB World School, offering the IB Middle Years Program in grades nine and ten, and the IB Diploma Program in grades eleven and twelve. Our expectation in the High School is that students will complete the IB Diploma Program. We are proud of our students’ and teachers’ successes in recent years, with typically over 90% of our senior class earning the IB Diploma, as well as gaining admission to top-tier universities throughout the world.    

The mission of the IB fits well with that of AISB, as both require students to be critical thinkers well versed in several knowledge areas; importantly, both ask more of students, requiring them to also develop key attitudes so that they will actively use their skills and knowledge to make the world better. While a lofty goal, a concrete way the High School attempts to achieve this is through our Service Learning Program. Each student and each member of faculty makes a yearlong commitment to a Service Learning group and works towards understanding and meeting the needs of others in our community.

We expect students to also be engaged beyond the classroom. We have many opportunities for students in our Athletics and Activities program, allowing chances to further explore and develop physical, cultural, artistic and intellectual skills and knowledge. Involvement in such opportunities not only develops our students as people, but helps them do better academically through the acquisition of transferable skills and through the relationships they build. As part of CEESA our students take part in numerous different events throughout the year that allow them not only to learn more about themselves, but also about neighboring countries.

While we hold our students to high expectations in terms of their academic achievement and character development, we realize that twenty-four points on an IB Diploma can be just as great a success as a forty-two point diploma. And simply trying out for a role in a theatre production can be as great a success as getting the lead. Our main goal as a school is to have each student achieve his or her best.  

While we have been successful in this regard, we continually try to improve, highlighting the best part of being in education, and the best part of being at AISB. Each and every day we strive to do better for our students and in doing so instill in them the desire to pursue the same ideal, that of continual learning for the improvement of self and of others.  

Once again, welcome to the High School at the American International School of Bucharest. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know.

We look forward to learning from you.


 Early Childhood

Early Childhood 2 to Kindergarten: children aged between 2 and 6

162 students from 39 nationalities speaking 43 languages

61% of EC faculty holds an advanced degree (MA or PhD)

52 members of faculty and staff look after the Early Childhood

Maximum class sizes of 12 (EC2), 15 (EC3), 18 (EC4) & 20 (KG) children

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Primary School

Grade 1 to Grade 5: children aged between 6 and 11

255 students from 40 nationalities

51% of PYP faculty holds an advanced degree

59 members of faculty and staff look after the Primary School

Maximum class size of 20 children

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Secondary School

Grade 6 to Grade 12: Students aged between 12 and 19

402 students from 45 nationalities

63% of MYP & DP faculty holds an advanced degree

73 members of faculty and staff look after the Secondary School

Maximum class size of 20 students

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