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Student Support


At AISB Elementary school, English language learners are given English language support throughout their schooling. Specialist EAL teachers address the needs of students new to English language acquisition and learning and provide appropriate support for them to integrate and operate successfully within the mainstream classrooms. This support takes place on a regular basis in the form of pull-out and in-class support.

All incoming students in Grades 1-5, whose mother tongue is not English, are assessed before their arrival at AISB, using the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA), to determine their placement in language programs.


Program Aims

  • To identify students requiring English language learning assistance through a process of screening and assessment (WIDA).
  • To develop in students a confidence in English in all areas of English usage.
  • To assist students in acquiring the academic proficiency necessary for success in the mainstream program and foster the acquisition of social language.
  • To support the content of the AISB Primary Years Program.
  • To support and foster the continued development of students’ mother tongue.

Program Components

  • A supportive and friendly learning environment.
  • A variety of techniques and resources to promote the comprehension of unfamiliar concepts of new language forms.
  • Language instruction which follows a sequence designed to build conceptual understanding and language through authentic and meaningful contexts.
  • Collaboration and co-planning with teachers.

Program Delivery

In Kindergarten, English language learning is provided through push-in support by one EAL teacher per kindergarten class. Each EAL teacher works with the homeroom teacher using co-teaching or small group instructional models.

In Grades 1-5, EAL services include push-in support using co-teaching and small group instructional models, in addition to pull-out specialist EAL classes.

Elementary School EAL Team

Alina Guzganu – EAL Learning Leader and Grades 2 and 3 

Guy Boudreau –  grades 4 and 5

Connie Greenleaf –  grades 1 and 2

Jemma Link –  Grades 1 and 3 

Heather Knoflick –  grades 4 and 5


 Early Childhood

Early Childhood 2 to Kindergarten: children aged between 2 and 6

162 students from 39 nationalities speaking 43 languages

61% of EC faculty holds an advanced degree (MA or PhD)

52 members of faculty and staff look after the Early Childhood

Maximum class sizes of 12 (EC2), 15 (EC3), 18 (EC4) & 20 (KG) children

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Primary School

Grade 1 to Grade 5: children aged between 6 and 11

255 students from 40 nationalities

51% of PYP faculty holds an advanced degree

59 members of faculty and staff look after the Primary School

Maximum class size of 20 children

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Secondary School

Grade 6 to Grade 12: Students aged between 12 and 19

402 students from 45 nationalities

63% of MYP & DP faculty holds an advanced degree

73 members of faculty and staff look after the Secondary School

Maximum class size of 20 students

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