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Early Childhood

Under the leadership of Mrs. Rosella Diliberto, the Early Childhood brings together 162 children between 2 and 6 years old in a dynamic, multinational environment that represents 39 nationalities. Every Early Learning classroom is looked after by a teacher and classroom assistant. The new Early Learning Center will be ready in August 2017 – a unique project that will house our youngest learners!

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Principal’s Welcome

At AISB we aspire to create the conditions for exceptional teaching and learning to take place in each of our early childhood learning environments. Developing the social-emotional, cognitive, language, physical, and creative growth of each child is at the basis of our Early Childhood Program.


School Profile

The school profiles share information for each school division, including specific news and initiatives, enrollment data, curriculum design, philosophy, key features of the curriculum, service learning, and academia.


Curriculum Overview

The framework of the Early Childhood and Elementary School is the Primary Years Program which is noted as being the first curriculum developed for international primary schools. Navigate through the Curriculum Overview section to find out about the IB Primary Years Program in an Early Years Setting, Academia related to the Early Childhood Section of AISB, as well as Assessment and Evaluation models.


Policies, Documents & Handbooks

Please review the following supporting documents for the Early Childhood Section of the school. These include Early Childhood Routines & Expectations, the Primary Years Program Behavior Policy, and the School-Wide Attendance Policy.

Contact phone

Early Childhood Principal:

Mrs. Rosella Diliberto
Tel +40 21 204 4307

Early Childhood Office:

Ms. Iulia Trandafir
Tel +40 21 204 4307

Admissions Office:

Ms. Catalina Gardescu
Tel +40 21 204 4333


Parent Log In

AISB Parents can log into our dedicated parent portal to view information on their family, child, and more at AISB. Each PYP classroom has a dedicated website that contains specific information related to the time table, grade level standards and expectations, curricular information, classroom activities and special events, and more.


Early Childhood

Early Childhood 2 to Kindergarten: children aged between 2 and 6

162 students from 39 nationalities speaking 43 languages

61% of EC faculty holds an advanced degree (MA or PhD)

52 members of faculty and staff look after the Early Childhood

Maximum class sizes of 12 (EC2), 15 (EC3), 18 (EC4) & 20 (KG) children

ManageBac login for parents


EST 1962 by the US Embassy

Local and expatriate families from government, business, and social welfare organizations

Highly qualified faculty with continuous access to current instructional materials, teaching strategies, and professional development.


820 students from 55 nationalities

Top 5 nationalities: 30% Romanians, 15% North American, 5% Israeli, 5% Turkish, and 4% German

223 members of faculty and staff, representing 19 countries and 26 languages. 80:20 foreign to local faculty and 10:1 student to faculty ratios.

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